“Going eCarbon Neutral installs Solar In Schools”

About World Survival Foundation

World Survival Foundation (WSF) is a public charity founded in 1988 in Aspen Colorado. WSF moved to Sedona, Arizona in late 1989. In 1990 WSF sponsored a very successful Earth Day event at the Sedona Posse Grounds attracting more than 3000 people. That same year WSF sponsored the founding of the American Hydrogen Association by donating office space in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1992 WSF sponsored the conversion of an Oldsmobile Cutlass Quad Four to run on hydrogen. The H2 project resulted in the first hydrogen car to be registered on Arizona highways. From 1993 to 1997 WSF maintained an environmental education office in Sedona. In 2002 World Survival led a project to "Save Long Canyon." In June 2008 WSF moved its office space to the home of its Executive Director, Demetri Wagner to conserve funds during the economic crisis. WSF is establishing itself as an active crusader for environmental causes. Under the direction of Demetri Wagner, WSF aims to bring new awareness about Climate Change and Global Warming to the local level and inspire communities to become carbon neutral with the GENiSIS Project. 


Our Mission

The mission of the GENiSES Project is to reduce carbon emissions to help stop global warming and to promote sustainability in our communities. GENiSIS will promote community-wide education to reduce carbon emissions and provide opportunities to offset carbon footrpints through the sale of GENiSIS eCarbon Offsets. 100% of profits generated go to provide solar energy for schools and libraries. Donations are targeted at participating schools and libraries. The GENiSIS Project is starting in Sedona, Arizona, then will expand to all Arizona, and finally throughout North America and hopfully the entire World.


Our Belief

We believe knowledge inspires action. Armed with truthful knowledge we believe citizens will act to reduce their carbon footprint. As citizens learn to Calculate-Reduce-Offset™ their carbon emissions, funds will be generated to install new solar and other renewable energy projects in local schools. 100% of all profits go to renewable energy and energy effciency projects in participating schools. The GENiSIS Project is dedicated to:

  • Helping stop global warming
  • Building energy effcient and sustainable schools
  • Building a carbon free future for our children


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the GENiSIS Project to every school, in every community around the World. Educated citizens will choose sustainability, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. GENiSIS eCarbon Offsets will go mainstream to become a viable funding source for renewable energy projecys in participating schools. The GENiSIS Project will become synonymous with solar in schools. GENiSIS will become a leading Corporate Social Responcibility (CSR) program adopted by the World's leading companies.


Meet Our Board

Rick Demetri Wagner, Chairman and President - Mr. Wagner has been Executive Director of World Survival Foundation since its inception in 1988. He has extensive experience in leading projects both large and small. As a Arizona business owner for over 33 years, his experience includes business startups, management, advertising and promotion, accounting, and Internet sales. In 1993, Mr. Wagner founded and subsequently managed Gas Development Resources a natural gas vehicle conversion and fueling company.   Over the years, he has been an active member in many environmental groups including:

  • American Hydrogen Association
  • NRDC
  • Greenpeace
  • Sierra Club
  • World Wildlife Fund

Ronald Mohney, Director and Teasurer - Mr. Mohney Holds an MS Degree in Environmental Studies and is currently a Certified Financial Planner certificant. Mr. Mohney sits on the Board Of Directors of many local organizations including:

  • Sedona Recycles, as Treasurer
  • The Cup of Gold Water Company as president
  • Sacred Mesa Investments, LLC as treasurer
  • Kiwanis as chairman of the Sedona Pathways project
  • American Solar Energy Society, as Vice resident of the Sedona Chapter.

John Neville, Director and Vice President - Mr. Neville is USGBC LEED-AP and has been involved in creative sustainable development and communications for more than 30 years. He is President and founder of Sustainable Arizona. He has helped organizations with sustainability systems, business communications and management practices, leadership development, and diversity enhancement. John has conducted corporatewide sustainability performance assessments and strategic environmental information planning, produced EHS programs for compliance and beyond compliance training, created environmental annual reports and newsletters, codified and encouraged corporate culture programs, written TQEM plans, and prepared ISO and EPA communications. He provides sustainable systems consulting and communications services to municipalities and businesses and is a frequent guest speaker.

Currently, John and involved in the following organizations:

  • The Arizona Solar Energy Association
  • The Coconino County Sustainable Economic Development Initiative
  • The Sustainable Tourism Team
  • The Verde Valley Wine Consortium
  • The Sedona Water Wise Alliance

The home he designed in Sedona has received four awards for excellence in sustainable building, conservation and low impact living. John and his wife, Jawn McKinley, were recognized by business groups and the City of Sedona for their efforts in fostering sustainability and leading water conservation activities.

Randy Crewse, Director - Randy Crewse has been a Sedona resident since 1994. Since moving to Sedona, in addition to being a full-time Real Estate Broker, Randy has been actively involved in the Sedona community. Randy has been Assistant Varsity coach for the Women's Volleyball team at the Sedona Red Rock High School for 13 years on a volunteer basis. Randy has been a member of the Lions Club International for 21 years and a member of the Sedona Oak Creek Lions Club for the last 10 years serving two terms as its President and currently on the Board of Directors.

Randy is the founder and Chairperson of the Tewa Holiday Project which provides holiday food baskets and clothing to the Tewa Native Americans living at the First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation in northern Arizona. Randy is currently on the Board of Directors of Sedona Recycles which serves the entire Verde Valley as a Regional Recycling Center, processing over 9,000,000 pounds of material in 2007.

Larry Bean, Director - Larry spent nearly 22 years as the head of Iowa’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. During that time the state developed a national reputation for its programs in wind energy, biomass energy, animal confinement waste management and ethanol. He developed and implemented a mechanism for a $300 million private sector investment in public sector energy efficiency improvements that saves approximately 50 million taxpayer dollars per year. Larry taught biology and environmental science at a Midwestern college for 10 years. He has been chairperson of the board of directors for:

  • Tthe National Association of State Energy Officials
  • The Iowa Rural Development Council
  • The National Governor’s Ethanol Coalition
  • The Center for global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa
  • The Iowa Energy Center at Iowa State University
  • The State Advisory Board to the U.S. Congress and Department of Energy and others.

His home in Arizona combines energy efficient design and construction with both hot water and photovoltaic solar systems.